In early 2020, I set up my own blog system, CineNeural Blog,with the main goal of recording my life and what I have learned, and systematically building my knowledge system structure, so that I can accept new things faster and apply and innovate on what I have learned in the past.

The name of the website CineNeural is divided into two parts, Cine is mainly inspired by his love for film, Neural is a depiction of the neurons of the human brain, film poet Tarkovsky wrote a book called “Carving Time”, the book is about how he went to shoot his own film, how to compose in the film poetry and sculpting light and shadow. Film can record the past, the brain can show the future, the brain thinking of the thoughts through the image to everyone in the world, just as music has no boundaries. Likewise we hope that computers can think like humans, and they can assist humans in creating movies and music, so that CineNeural represents the synthesis of two disciplines, the art of imaging and machine learning, to complete the sculpting of this system with our hands over a long period of time.


When it comes to why we do this, I have to mention Wolfram’s book “A New Kind Of Science”, which I haven’t finished reading yet, but I can understand the important concepts inside the book. The core concept of the book is that in a system given an initial state through a set of simple rules of evolution, and then can reproduce complex phenomena, our universe is complex? But is the universe itself governed and evolved by a set of rules, a question that leads us to think of the Great Unification Theory, which indirectly enables us to think that the universe can be computed. fundamental Theory of Physics", a search for the most fundamental theory of physics, how the universe evolves through a set of computational laws. In physics we need to predict the movement of objects can be calculated using mathematical equations, then in the field of finance, can we predict the future price of stocks, the future price of digital currency, here there is a discipline called quantitative trading, literally we can understand that through a set of mathematical algorithms, quantitative traders to predict the price trend of the portfolio in the future period of time. By predicting the trend, the investor is able to profit from it.

Renaissance Technologies is one such company that develops trading systems to profit from the financial markets through mathematical methods, founded by James Harris Simons, a mathematician, investor, philanthropist, and the same Wolfram above, who is often seen in the digital finance space. It made me realize, without realizing it, that mathematics is the key to unlocking the field of finance, but it’s not a set of algorithms or a strategy that will allow you to make profits in trading. Wouldn’t it be cool to engage in something like this, where we design our own systems, interface with exchanges, use algorithms to gain revenue, and from there we can constantly brainstorm and bring in knowledge from cutting edge fields like quantum mechanics, deep reinforcement learning, etc. into this quantitative system.

How to start

  • Familiarize yourself with how the entire financial system works and recognize their basic concepts.

  • Embedding mathematical and physical methods into quantitative models, bringing quantitative analysis from traditional finance to the world of bitcoin - digital currency.

  • Smart contract development.


  • Simplicity - Increase your own passive income.